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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Tenant Resources

Real Property Management Pacific


Resident Benefits Package

Residents of Real Property Management get the added value and protection of our Resident Benefits Package. 

24/7 Maintenance Hotline

We are equipped and ready to take on all maintenance calls, organize repairs, and oversee each step. All residents have the maintenance phone number to call day or night, even on holidays and weekends, for ANY maintenance reason.

Call 510-900-4544 to report an emergency issue.

Utility Concierge

Once you sign the lease, we set up a call with Utility Concierge to help you set up your utilities. Typically it just takes one phone call, and you’re all set.

Value = $50

Texting Capabilities

Real Property Management Pacific has invested in software that will allow the resident to get prompt responses through texting while the office is open Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm. We realize that many residents prefer to text, so we added the service so you can communicate with our office in your preferred way.

Pay by Credit Card or Electronic Cash

Yes, you can pay by credit card right in your tenant portal! You may earn the credit card points and are able to keep your cash.

If you like to pay with cash, we can do that too.

*A processing fee may apply.

On-Time Payment Credit Reporting

Make your rent payments on-time, and we automatically report those on-time payments towards your credit report via Experian RentBureau. That means when you need to use your credit, your Credit Report is boosted from on-time rental payments. Most do-it-yourself landlords and apartment complexes do not provide this service.

Piñata Rewards Program

Real Property Management Pacific is proud to partner with Piñata, a rewards platform that transforms rent day into rewards day! Through the free app, you can earn rewards and take advantage of perks just for being a renter.

Current features on the Piñata app include:

  • Piñata Cash: rewards redeemable for gift cards or cash, paid to renters every time they pay rent in full and on time.
  • Piñata Perks: a marketplace featuring over 300,000 deals and special offers from local businesses and 250+ national brands, all designed to reduce renters’ financial stress and make life more affordable.
  • A resource center with FAQs and easy outreach via email or phone call to learn more about local community resources and available aid.

For Piñata, giving back to the community is as important as rewarding renters. Through its Piñata Cares campaign, Piñata donates a meal to those in need every time a Piñata user pays rent. Meals are donated through national nonprofits like No Kid Hungry and local organizations like GRACE Marketplace.

Home Buyer Assistance

We provide licensed agents and preferred lenders for our residents when the time is right to buy your new home.

Apply Online to Rent a Home

If you’re interested in leasing a home from Real Property Management Pacific, it is best to first find a rental property you are want to rent, then complete the online application.

Find a Rental Home and Apply

  1. Review the properties available to rent.
  2. Click on your desired property.
  3. Click Apply Online.
  4. Complete the Online Rental Application
  5. Pay Application Fee (part 2 of the Application).

Maintenance Request

If you’re having non-emergency requests like: 

A/C or heater stopped functioning

The appliance is not functioning as expected

Plumbing issues

Hot water heater problems

Garage/door issues

Electrical issues

Report Emergency Issue

How do I know if it’s a Maintenance Emergency?

Is water leaking uncontrollably?

Is there a gas leak?

Was there a fire?

Are you locked out of your home?

Maintenance Emergency: A condition that causes injury, threatens your health, or causes serious property damage such as fire, broken gas line/leak, broken water line or flooding, no heat, or a lockout. 

Additional Tenant Resources

Each tenant who signs a lease with us gets their own online account. Your secure account is convenient and easy to access and provides useful features and information to maximize your rental experience.

  • Pay rent online
  • Request repairs and maintenance
  • Apply for a new rental property
  • Give notice to vacate
  • Access documents, forms, and checklists such as your lease and procedures
  • Communicate with the Real Property Management Pacific team

New Tenants

To access your account for the first time, click the Tenant Login button above and follow the prompts. Use the email address you provided during the application process and your new address. Your login information will be emailed to you. Contact our office if you need assistance.

The easiest way to pay your rent is to do so online. Paying rent online saves you the time and inconvenience of bringing a rent check to the office, assists you in paying on time, and is the most secure, accurate, and efficient payment method.

Simply log in to your tenant account and follow the prompts to make a single payment or set up recurring payments each month to ensure your rent will always be paid on time by the due date!

There are two ways to request maintenance or repairs.

  1. Log in to your tenant account and complete a Service Request for maintenance or repairs.
  2. Call our 24 Hour Maintenance Hotline to request maintenance. If it is an emergency, call us immediately. (Note: If the situation involves a serious water leak, locate the main water valve in your rental home and turn it to the off or closed position.)

Before Requesting Maintenance

For faster resolution, review the following list of suggestions before calling maintenance. You can also find helpful maintenance tips and advice in your tenant account.

The smoke detector won’t work when tested Check weekly and replace the battery as needed. Notify maintenance at once if not working.
The smoke detector beeps softly on and off Check and replace the battery as needed.
No power to plugs or switches Check the breaker panel or fuse box. Check and reset.
Garbage disposal won’t work Push reset button on disposal or use allen wrench and turn.
No hot water Check the thermostat on the hot water tank. Is the pilot light lit?
Hot water “TOO HOT” Check thermostat on tank and turn down.
Faucet or toilet leaks Turn off water fixture under sink, toilet at the valve, and notify maintenance.
Toilet plugged Try plunger. If still plugged call maintenance.
Sink plugged Remove hair from the drain
Heater not working Check thermostat. Check button or pilot lights. Furnace covers on correctly? Is the pilot light lit? Did breaker trip?
The dishwasher won’t drain Clean food out of the bottom of the dishwasher. Clean float. Rinse dishes before washing. Use jet dry once a month. Jet dry prevents hard water build-up.
Refrigerator too warm or too cold Check the thermostat and make sure it is set correctly. Are the front and back grills clean? Check the drains and clean as needed.

Some of our rental properties allow pets. Homeowner preferences and insurance policies generally determine what type and how many pets are allowed. To find a pet-friendly rental home, search the available properties and click Amenities and select Pets Allowed and if desired, select Fenced Yard.

Pet Application

Many Real Property Management rental homes allow pets. If you have a pet, please ask about our pet policy.

We welcome pets in the rental homes that allow them, however, we must ensure tenants are responsible pet owners and respect neighboring residents. Both landlords and tenants should be up-to-date on city ordinances controlling pet ownership and management. The following list of pet ordinances is not exhaustive, but it does cover the main questions pet owners and landlords are likely to have.

Real Property Management’s Pet Restrictions
Each rental home managed by Real Property Management may have unique restrictions for pets depending upon the type, number, and size of the pet. In addition, city pet ordinances limit the number of pets per pet owner, with exceptions to newborn pet litters. Most rental properties do not allow certain breeds of dogs including Dobermans, Rottweilers, Chows, and Pitbulls because property liability insurance policies will not cover injury caused by these breeds. Real Property Management tenants who have pets are asked to maintain their own liability insurance in regards to their pets.

General Rules and Regulations
Most cities and counties have pet ordinances that all Real Property Management clients must abide by as pet owners.  Below are common ordinances, however, check with Animal Control in your local area to make sure you understand and comply with all pet rules and regulations.

Normally, you must register your dog or cat with the city within a certain timeframe of acquisition, and the license tag must always be attached to your pet. Most pet licenses need to be renewed periodically.

Most city ordinances require a pet to be kept on a leash at any time the pet is off its owner’s residence, except when in officially designated off-leash city property. Dogs and cats in heat must be kept in a secure enclosure, preventing their exposure to any free-roaming males.

If your dog bites a person or another animal, city pet ordinances usually require you to notify the police or an animal control officer immediately, and not leave the scene until an officer has authorized you to do so. Always assist the victim as needed and give your contact information to the victim.

City pet ordinances also usually require you to control your dog’s barking at all times, both day and night, and the police have the power to impound your dog if it is barking incessantly and you can’t be reached.

Whether by law or not, tenants should always clean up after their pets as a courtesy to others and the surrounding property.

Tenant and Owner Responsibilities

As a resident of a rental home managed by Real Property Management Pacific, we want you to treat the home as if it were your own and be respectful of your neighbors.  Taking good care of the property also leads to a faster return of your deposit when you move out.

Your lease outlines your full responsibilities however, below are some general responsibilities.

  • Keep the property clean and orderly, inside and out
  • Set up utilities in your name prior to moving in – electricity, water, gas, trash
  • Care for landscaping and exterior – lawn, and minor trimming and weeding of shrubs and flowerbeds, sidewalks, exterior light bulbs, window cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Complete minor and seasonal maintenance – changing light bulbs, furnace filters, refrigerator water filters, and batteries in detectors; maintaining water softener and purification systems, keeping vents clean
  • Comply with local, state, and Home Owner Association (HOA) property codes, rules, and regulations

Contact our office if you would like a referral for a vendor for the services listed above.

Owner Responsibilities

Real Property Management and/or the owner of the rental home you lease are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the rental property is clean, safe, and ready for occupancy
  • Re-keying all doors leading to the outside for security
  • Complying with state and federal laws pertaining to required detectors in the home
  • Providing residents with a copy of applicable HOA rules

Rent Payment

You will receive a login for your own online account, where you can pay the rent each month. We encourage you to set up automatic, recurring payments to ensure on-time payment and peace of mind.

Maintenance Request

We want to ensure every rental property stays in great shape, and we encourage you to request maintenance when appropriate to possibly prevent larger issues or costly repairs.  When maintenance or repair is needed, log in to your online account or call our maintenance hotline.

Moving Out

Moving out can be a busy and sometimes stressful time. Real Property Management Pacific provides checklists and guides to help make your transition smoother, faster, and more organized.

You must give proper notice prior to vacating the property, as outlined in your lease. RPM Pacific will conduct a final move-out inspection only after all of your personal property has been removed and the property is fully cleaned. We consider you still living at the property until you return the keys (and garage door remote if applicable) to our office. You will not be allowed to re-enter the home after all keys have been turned into the office.

To assist us in making refunds to you promptly, we ask that you review the security deposit section of the Residential Lease Agreement that you signed when you moved in. This will clarify the refund procedure and explain any additional charges which you may incur.

We highly recommend that tenants request a pre-moveout evaluation 60 days prior to moving out. We will walk through the property together and agree on any necessary repairs. This allows time for repairs to be made and maximizes the opportunity for the entire security deposit to be returned to the tenant. The better the condition of the property when you leave, the faster the deposit can be returned to you, at the forwarding address you provide. If you vacate the property prior to the end of the lease term, you will still be responsible for paying the rent for the remainder of the lease however, we will do our best to try and lease the property.

Long-Term Relationship

Our goal is to maintain positive relationships with both our property owners and tenants, and ensure you are satisfied. If you are pleased with our service, we hope you consider our services again in the future. In addition, we encourage you to email us and offer to post a positive review or provide a testimonial for future marketing use.

Likewise, when you decide to move, buy a home or car, or get a new job, Real Property Management Pacific will support you by offering a payment history and providing you a letter of recommendation provided you have paid your rent on time and have taken care of the property.